Embodied care, research, collaboration, and adaptability are central to my artistic practice. These principles support the creation of dense work that prioritizes the dancers’ humanity. Even as the specific approach of the creative process changes with the needs of the dancers, the director, and the work, these values remain instrumental to my artistic voice.

I work to embody care, fostering a responsive, healthy, and safe space where conversations around consent are encouraged. Dancers who are valued freely push emotional and physical boundaries and develop honest relationships which are then tangible onstage. Regardless of the subject matter of the piece, my process is one of care and generosity.

Research and human experience serve as my two guideposts for decision making. Throughout any project, I surround myself with the world I am entering – through text, media, conversation, sound, and more – building a system of connections in which to ground the work. From this research, I shape movement, sound, and costumes as cues and points of entry, always with an excitement for the viewer to involve their own perspective.

My rehearsals involve processes of dancers learning movement I have generated and of collective generative processes based on parameters and tasks. I allow my collaborators to inhabit movement within the unique potential of their body and to make physical and interpretive choices with confidence, confirming my trust in them and empowering their dancing. I expect dancers to be active participants rather than passive body-canvases, and to respond to a variety of creative methods with openness. Within this adaptable approach, embodied care guides all interactions, research supports my choice-making, and collaboration builds palpably trusting relationships.